Making the Decision

Making the Decision

Careers on hold.  Aspirations for success derailed.  This was the choice we made collectively.  We knew that the bond we had as friends would soon lose its strength.  The 9-5, marriages, kids and the grind; those were the things that would come between us as friends.

We didn’t want that.

We decided to take a 10 month trip to Europe and put everything else on hold.  It was the best decision we could have made.

You’ll hear from all of us throughout this blog.  To be honest, we’re putting this up on the internet for our kids 10 years from now.  Please refrain from contacting us.  Instead just read our stories and make the trip yourself.

To get you excited for the great reads to come I found this video online:

First Post!

Wow – this is REALLY happening.  As I introduce us in our about page, we’re a group of friends who traveled through Europe.

This is simply a journal of our experiences.  Hopefully in 10 years time our kids will be reading this.